Thursday, April 4, 2013

'Mahinda Chinthanaya' has given way to fraud, corruption and vile acts – Ven. Dhambara Amila Thera

'Mahinda Chinthanaya' is now supporting corruption and vile acts states the co-coordinator of Anti-imperialist People's Movement (AiPM) Ven. Dhambara Amila Thera. Speaking at a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday (1st) Ven. Amila Thera said, "Government's economic policy has become an incompatible affair. At present government's economic policy is tourism. The government has come to a position that it would provide infrastructure facilities to liquor, gambling and casino that are connected with tourism. Now the government is having discussions with a casino king in an attempt to get him here.
As the Anti-imperialist People's Movement we, oppose this act for two reasons. First is many governments have been toppled and new governments have been formed based on casino centers. Conspiracies for such vile acts take place at these places. Racketeers were behind the fall of Eastern Asian countries in the 90s.
If a government is patriotic, if it opposes and doesn't fulfill the interests of casino racketeers they would carry out various conspiracies to topple such a government. The AiPM vehemently condemns the moves of the government to deny the legitimate sons and daughters of this country the right to elect their government and hand it over to casino racketeers. The attempt to build a casino empire in the country is a real danger to the masses of this country.
The second is the harm to the culture and social values of our country. Through casino the rulers create a fertile land for liquor, drugs, prostitution and crime which is against the teachings of all religions that exist in our country. These casino centers will become fighting arenas of politicians' sons. The President used patriotism and religion to come to this position. Mahinda Chinthanaya and 'mathata thitha' were advocated. However, Mahinda Chinthanaya is now supporting fraud, corruption and vile acts. This would bring destruction to the country.
Now religious, communalist fundamentalist gangs are creating clashes at various places in the island. The rulers provide facilities for these gangs and allow them to roam about. No legal action is taken against these gangs and the government is bringing the Motherland towards another debacle. The repetition of the 83 holocaust is looming ahead. We have warned the government not to create such a situation that would give excuses to imperialism to interfere in our country. However, no attention was paid to such warnings. All of a sudden the President now says acts should not be carried out that harm the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim unity.
We would like to ask the President to go in front of a mirror. We have warned regarding the behavior of tribal gangs. We made these warning at a time when nobody talked about it. However, these warnings were ignored and marauding gangs were unleashed.
The 'Balasenas' were allowed to roam to hoard Sinhalese Buddhist votes for future elections. These gangs have become terrorists who are manipulated by illiterate, lunatic anti-social elements. These terrorist, fundamentalist gangs are attacking Muslim business establishments. Media showed persons in Buddhist priests' robes attacking CCTV cameras. Journalists' heads too were smashed. Various persons use these gangs and groups for their ulterior motives. Now the limit has been overstepped. A situation has arisen that those who created the gangs are unable to control them. An extremist, communalist issues cannot be solved by extremism. How could they say they would become the unofficial police if they do not have political backing and support?
Hence, we ask our Muslim brethren to face these religious extremists with a lot of patience. Extremists cannot go too far. They do not have justice, ideology or fair play. Their minds are filled with hatred and animosity. Even their temples contain only hatred. Extremism cannot expect anything auspicious.
Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa participated at their ceremonies. He declared open their centers and white washed them. They were legitimized. The defense Secretary should be responsible for the lunatic behavior of the gang of extremist hooligans. We have the right to question the Defense Secretary and the President who are being paid from the taxes levied from the masses of this country. They have to answer our questions; they are duty bound to do so.
We call upon the government to come for an open debate regarding their policies without paving the way for another barbaric war that would destroy the country and the Nation. We ask the government to step down instead of stooping down to low levels to conceal its impotency and vulgarity.
Whatever 'balasena' says, 74.9% of the population is Sinhalese Buddhists. If these' balasenas' genuinely represent the 74.9% of the population we ask them, instead of attacking devotees of other religions, to raise its voice for the struggle to get 6% allocations for the education of the children of this country. Do these 'balasenas' propose that a scheme should be adopted to have a process to buy vegetables instead of destroying 40,000 to 50,000 kilos of vegetables at Dambulla? A situation has been created that the paddy farmer has to commit suicide. Sri Lanka has come to the 4th position in the world in consuming alcohol. 48% of pregnant mothers suffer from anemia and malnutrition. 600 temples have been closed down. India is given 90% of our oil resources. This 'balasenas' do not come forward to address any of these issues. 74% of Sinhalese Buddhist masses together with other masses are confronted with these issues and mediating them would be a relief to all including Sinhalese Buddhists. It is the Muslim countries that supported us during the war with the LTTE and in Geneva.
These extremist gangs have become a cat's paw of the government that fulfills its political interests. Hence, we call upon the Mahanayakas to mediate to remove this cancer from the society.
Sri Lanka has been isolated in Geneva. The rulers of this country think the world is within Sri Lanka. A country cannot be isolated like Robinson Crusoe. There should be excellent diplomatic relations with other countries. The government cannot act like Joolampitiye Amare when dealing with other countries. As a result of the conduct of the government the country has been placed under probation. The government should now develop good relations with other countries. Tamil Nadu was brought to this situation by the conduct of our government. After four years of the end of the war the communalist and religious fundamentalists were given the opportunity to do what they want. The seeds sown have brought in a harvest. Rulers should not lie to the people. They should come out from darkness. Instead of taking the society towards ignorance, infidelity and tribal ways the government has to be rehabilitated. If it doesn't change we ask the patriotic masses in the country to send this government home.
We also ask the media not to give publicity to any matter that would create communal or religious clashes."
The Member of the Executive Committee of AiPM Senior Lecturer of Sri Jayawardenepura University Devaka Punchihewa and former JVP Parliamentarian Lakshman Nipunarachchi were also present.

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